Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday snapshot

The vineyard. What else? I like the way these pruned vines look on the hillside. It won't be long before they start to leaf out.

This is probably the vineyard parcel I photograph most.

The birches around the house are covered in catkins and the big red maples in front are in full flower. The leaves will follow quickly now.

I barbecued for the first time on Saturday. Steaks on the grill. They were delicious! We ate them with French fries. Then I made crêpes for dessert. Yum! Didn't take a single photo, though. Ken wants to make burritos for lunch today.


  1. HUrrah !
    I get to be first not 11th as is my wont....

    I think it must be lovely to see the same vines go through their seasons. It must count as a natural indicator of the passing of time.

  2. This is beautiful~

  3. I miss seeing the vines behind our house swell into bloom. Lovely undulating landscape.

  4. Yes, this shot does indeed look vaguely familiar -- but as beautiful as ever!

  5. Love the different directional lines, angles, slopes, dimensions, etc.


  6. "This is probably the vineyard parcel I photograph most." That explains why it looks like Thursday's photo. Still, it's not unwelcome.

  7. It's getting greener and greener.

  8. michael, I know what you mean. I'm usually the 27th to post on your site. Darned time difference!

    dor, thank you.

    craig, the vineyards change constantly. It's cool to be able to experience it.

    betty, it's along my daily walk route, and the angles are good for photos. :)

    bettyann, me too!

    alewis, thank goodness!

    staman, hehehe.

    mark, yup. Ain't it cool!


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