Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monday morning moonset

The internet was all a-twitter (sorry, pun intended) with news of the "super moon" that occurred this weekend. All the sources of information I saw for this astronomical event were American. The French news media couldn't be bothered to talk about the moon. Some stuff was going on in Japan and Lybia, apparently. And there are regional elections going on in France; Sunday was election day.

The moon setting in the west on Monday morning. Click to green-cheesify.

I didn't even take a look at the moon on Saturday night. Shades were drawn at bed time. But I did notice this on Monday morning out the western windows of the house. I don't know about a "super moon," but the near-full moon is always a wonderful sight to see. Especially as it's rising or setting when our brains are tricked into thinking it looks larger than normal.

Callie didn't howl at it once.


  1. I was impressed. But then I'm always happy with shiny glowy thingys. I'm simple that way. m.

  2. All that and the world didn't end as predicted.

  3. Lovely. You make me want to go to France, something I never thought I would say in my lifetime.
    Have a great day!

  4. Yes, the supermoon was all over the news here. My partner went out to look at it and said there was no noticable difference from the regular full moon. I was stuck inside watching Real Housewives of Orange County.

    Beautiful picture.

  5. Very nice shot. I keep trying to get a decent picture of the moon, but it has so far eluded me.

  6. That same moon also popped down under to say hello.

  7. Friday evening I was returning by car from Portland OR and we both noticed the big moon. Saturday was the day of the SUPER MOON, but we had partly cloudy weather so I didn't even go out to take a look.

    Once in 18 years the moon is closest to earth as I recall the news

  8. Yeah, we Americans get so easily distra...

    ooooohhhh, pretty!

  9. nick, thanks!

    mark, hehehe.

    rick, who predicted that?

    gaynor, thanks!

    ron, you've never been?

    diogenes, hmmmm.... moon... real housewives... moon... real housewives. How did you decide? ;)

    starman, it's not all that easy. A good zoom lens and a tripod help.

    leon, it sure gets around!

    mary, people in France garden by the moon cycles (not everybody, but many).

    jp, I know what you... brb.


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