Saturday, March 19, 2011

Les Lorandières

Callie and I have our walking patterns. In the mornings we head out the vineyard road toward the west. Most of the time it's just out and back with no deviations. In the afternoons, Callie likes to head north through the woods and down the hill into the river valley. We make a loop along a dirt road called rue des Lorandières which is parallel to the main road between our town and St.-Aignan for a short distance.

La rue des Lorandières (or Laurendières) looking in the general direction of St.-Aignan.

The road passes along side a field that's planted with colza (rape) or wheat, depending on the year. On the other side of the road are the back yards of a few houses, a small vineyard parcel, a field of grasses, and a tiny plantation of conifers. Near where the road intersects our road (where we turn to climb back up the hill) is a small development of about ten houses that were just built a few years ago. Apparently the elderly couple that live next to those houses sold off some of their land to a developer.

There are a few dogs along this route that regularly come out to see and bark at Callie. They're mostly in fenced-in yards so there are no problems.

I'm really not sure how the name of this road is spelled. On maps, it's spelled with an "o" as I've spelled it in the title. However, on the street signs down there it's spelled "Laurendières." I have a feeling that the original name is the former but that it is now morphing into the latter. Either way, it's pronounced the same.


  1. Oh, such a sunny photo! Spring is coming!


  2. Lovely photo. It is nice to see the sunshine.
    Dogs love their routines, I think.

  3. One of the things I found interesting in Barcelona, was the use of recycle bins in the shopping areas. We don't have that here.

  4. Lovely photo, and beautiful colors.

  5. Very picturesque! I wouldn't mind getting out to take a walk with views like this! (I like to walk anyway; you have framed the photo so nicely !)


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