Friday, March 25, 2011

The cheese course

Or at least, the cheese course I had on Wednesday. There's only one cheese. It's a local chevre (goat's cheese), and a rather young one at that. The cheese, not the goat. They get stronger as they age and dry out (again, the cheese, not the goat). I served mine with a green salad. Tasty.

Salad and goat's cheese with some bread and red wine. Perfect way to finish a meal.

Our week has been very pleasant and spring-like. The weekend looks like it'll be less pleasant, but still spring-like. That means some showers. We haven't had any significant rainfall this month. It's nice that it's dry out there, but the trees and plants are going to need some water before too long.

Of course, I know I don't really need to worry about that at this time of year. There will be rain.


  1. That cheese looks lovely.

    It's odd to be thinking about watering the garden when only a few weeks ago we were up to our ankles in mud.

  2. I never cease to amazed at the wonderful goodies one can purchase in France for so little money. Now, if they could just do something about the real estate prices and the weather.....

  3. That chevre looks wonderful, although I can't figure out if the outside is pepper or aging or something else.

  4. jean, I know. I don't miss the mud.

    starman, there are real estate bargains to be had. Just not in Paris.

    emm, that's ash on the outside of the cheese. It's traditional around here.

  5. Getting to know and like goats cheese was one of the culinary highlights of our life in France. Lovely!

  6. cheese, bread and wine are my favorite meal.
    What more/else is really needed?

  7. craig, and there is a lot down where you used to live, isn't there?

    michael, it really is a meal in itself.


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