Monday, March 28, 2011

The wisteria is budding

Spring is working its wonders. La glycine (wisteria) that I planted in 2006 gets bigger every year and has more and more flower buds on it. My hope is that it will eventually span the width of the house; it's about a third of the way there already. At that point I'll start pruning and shaping it.

Buds forming on a section of the wisteria.

We're a while from flowers, but these buds are promising. The plant breaks up the monotony of the house's western wall and in spring the blue flowers are beautiful. And don't worry, I'll be sure to share photos of the flowers when they bloom.

In the meantime, here's a link to what it looked like last spring.


  1. Wisteria is one of my favourites, and it's scented too.

  2. Beware Walt - Wysteria has a dark side, a life of its own. It reaches out to entwine itself on anything and every thing in its path.
    I quite often have to take the chain saw to it - only kiddin'

  3. Wisteria is one of my favorites as well. Great close up against the wall.

    At Longwood Gardens outside Philly they have a grove of purple and white wisterias that have been trained as trees. They are just beautiful and must be decades old.

  4. My Wysteria, now 20 years old, has finished blooming. It is a child of the oldest and biggest Wysteria in the U.S. That Wysteria is in Sierra Madre Ca. and they have a festival each year to celebrate it's beauty. You can Google it, "Wysteria Sierra Madre".

  5. I love wysteria. It's so terribly refined; brings to mind old country houses and afternoon tea on the croquet lawn in spring.

  6. Our wisteria has just started blooming. Tony went after it hard with the pruning shears a while back, but it seems to have forgiven us.

  7. We had some rain today. First in several weeks.

  8. susan, I can't wait!

    leon, I'm aware. I'll watch out!

    diogenes, they get better as they get older. Like me.

    mike, cool! When do they start their blooms out there, January? February?

    jean, that's the feeling I'm going for. :)

    chris, good!

    starman, that sounds dry for your area.

  9. The Wysteria here in southern California usually start blooming in early March, but if we have a warm Feb. they start earlier. You don't realize how many people have one until you see the beautiful blossoms. BTW, nice blog.


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