Sunday, February 17, 2013

A foggy morning

We were socked in on Saturday morning. Lots of ground fog. There was still a hint of sun in the morning. I thought that the fog might not have been very thick, so I took the camera out.

Fog in the vineyard.

Every now and then during the day it seemed as if the sun would burn through the fog. But then the fog would thicken. The sun finally broke through later in the day and it was very nice. This is what winter high pressure systems are like. The weather people keep telling us we'll see the sun, so we keep up hope.


  1. Another zombie ish photo......
    Oh for the summer to come eh?

  2. dammit, john beat me to the zombie comment, cause that is exactly what I envisioned upon viewing this photo!


  3. The sun will come out your bottom dollar that tomorrow...there will be sun....tomorrow....tomorrow.
    Wishing you some sunshine soon. Wish I could bottle you some and send it your way that would make you happy.
    Hang in there Walt.

    1. But tomorrow never comes!
      We want sun.... sun... sun.
      And no more rain!!

  4. WOW! What a striking photo, even in its bleakness!

  5. Most people would consider me crazy, but I like fog!

  6. I think this photo is spectacular!

  7. I like fog, it has a comforting but eerie feeling to it. Best to view it from indoors, with a hot cup of tea.

  8. john, you are into those zombies, aren't you!

    anne marie, lol!

    virginia, and indeed the sun has come out!

    tim, do you have sun now, too?

    ellen, it's a hard knock life...

    judy, bleakness. It's what I do best. ;)

    starman, I like it too. I live in San Francisco for 17 years!

    chm, merci jeune homme !

    michael, I agree.


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