Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A snowy morning

Tuesday morning was white. We got about an inch of new snow. The temperature was just above freezing so the snow was wet and heavy. It clung to the tree branches but melted away on the road surface.

There's a big log pile back there. I wish it was mine!

This is the donkey pen out beyond the vines that grow outside our back gate. The donkeys were no where to be seen. Callie and I trudged through the thick snow, following the footprints of the wild hare and roe deer who had passed before us in the early hours.


  1. I like this snow picture Walt... the lace of the branches and the outline of the log pile... the contrast as well of last years oak leaves bringing some pastel colour to an essentially black and white picture... and the fact that it was yesterday!!
    Even if today is grey, it is NOT slushy.

  2. Looks like you might have got a little more snow than us. We got a couple of centimetres at most. Enough to cover the ground completely, but only just. Great photo. I love it when the trees get covered in sparkly white like that.

  3. It looked as pretty as a picture here too yesterday. Lovely photo.
    Re the woodpile: you and me both!

  4. You've had quite the wintry few days haven't you? At least you know that spring comes nice and early where you are. I have no idea why but it's been gorgeous in Scotland for the past 10 days with lots of sunshine. We'll pay for it soon enough I'm sure.

  5. that's a beautiful picture, with just the slightest touches of color. Definitely looks like end-of-season snow (fingers crossed for you).


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