Saturday, February 09, 2013

A little winter color

The predominant colors of winter in our area are brown and green, and sometimes white. But there are other colors here and there.

Red leaves on a wild rose on the margins of the winter vineyard.

We're expecting one of those messy "wintry mix" weather systems this weekend. Fortunately, we don't have to go out at all. If you're in the northeastern US or Canada, I hope you don't have to go out, either.


  1. I think that your winter was not too bad this year compare to the horrible one you had last year. I don't like heat but I don't like cold weather either. That is why I live in SoCal. Yes Starman, I am sure Florida is great too (I've never been).

  2. Don't know if you're aware, but several states in New England have restricted traveling for many hours.

  3. Funny slideshow from the Boston Globe of snowed-in cars that gives a good idea of the storm. Funny, if it's not your car:

  4. Beautiful - so subtle and still vibrant.


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