Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Of trees and pancakes

Here are some more of the sights in the piney woods. Some of the trees are leaning, probably due to heavy wind storms in recent years. Wherever I walk in the woods around here, I see dozens of trees down or seriously leaning. I've been walking under one of them for several years now.

Moss-covered trees, leaning this way and that.

Yesterday I made another batch of crêpes, but with a twist. A British cooking show was on television recently and one of the dishes made was oat cakes. I think the show was done in Staffordshire, where oat cakes are famous, but not to be confused with Derbyshire oat cakes. We had some oatmeal in the cupboard and I got to thinking... what if I whizzed up the oatmeal in the blender and made it into oat flour? Then I could make oat cakes!

It worked out pretty well. I blended the improvised oat flour with some wheat flour and made my standard crêpe batter (so these were technically not real oat cakes). The oat crêpes were delicious! And I didn't take a single picture.


  1. And not to be confumbled with Scottish Oatcakes...
    which are a biscuit/cracker made with proper oatmeal for making proper porridge with a spurtle... NOT Scotts Porridge Oats which are for making porridge in the microwave on mornings like this!!

  2. I've already had my oatmeal this morning. We were surprised at all the goodies that the Scots made with their oats when we visited there.

    We have a lot of leaning trees in our backyard woods and a few fallen ones. Lewis has a new chainsaw to preserve our walking path down there.

  3. There's a method of making pancakes from any grain or mix of grains.
    Check out this blog post:

    I've had success with wheat, barley, oatmeal, rice, and buckwheat.

  4. Oatcakes, pancakes, galettes, crêpes, all very similar but slightly different depending on the grain or flour, and all delicious - we love them all!! I'm glad you enjoyed yours!!

  5. You can make Staffordshire oatcakes with half fine oatmeal, half plain flour. I believe there are even some who use no binding in it other than water, but I find that a bit difficult to deal with, and the results not like the ones one used to get from corner shops in Stoke-on-Trent.

  6. Considering how cold it is in France in the summer, I don't see how anyone could forget it's winter.

  7. WHAT??? No pictures? Were they gobbled up that quickly? Must have been really really delicious.

  8. Yes, I was thinking just like VirginiaC, that those must have been REALLY delicious oatcakes that were ready to eat - and you did! Forget the rest of us and that darn ol' blog. Just tell them about it!!! Did you put syrup or jam on top? I've tried some Scottish Oatcakes - but they were probably what Tim was referring to, as they were more like bland biscuits. Good, but I have never purchased them again.


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