Saturday, February 16, 2013

The ties that bind

I saw this fallen branch out in the vineyard on a recent walk. It had vines (not grape vines) wound around it.

Some kind of vine wrapped around a tree branch.

The weather people are telling us that a high pressure system is building in. We will have a chance of more sun in the coming days. Boy, I hope so. Friday afternoon was nice enough. There were a lot of clouds, but they were interrupted with nice sunny spots. I could do with more of that.


  1. The vine is ivy. We are fog bound this morning, but I am hoping for full sun all day tomorrow (forecast for Tuesday too -- will we cope!). I want to have a bonfire of all my prunings in the orchard.

  2. Just read a blog from the Tarn-et-
    Garonne. They are on their third day
    of of Springtime weather. Hopefully,
    it's headed your way.

  3. How did Susan know the vine is ivy? Why didn't you?

  4. The vines remind me of snakes - oooooohhhh.
    But the green sprouts do remind one that spring isn't far off - yeeeeeaaaa!

  5. susan, we have a pile for burning as well. I think it'll need to dry out a bit before we set it to fire.

    sheila, hope springs eternal!

    judy, we have at least one a year.

    starman, susan is very learned on the subject of plants. I consider myself fortunate to have identified it as a vine rather than just another stick.

    mary, yippee!


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