Saturday, February 23, 2013

It's still winter out there

We're having some of the chilliest weather we've had so far this winter. According to my records (and you all know I have records), this is only the third episode of below freezing temperatures we've had. The first was a couple of days in December, then again for a short span in mid-January. And now.

Sunrise through the woods on a frosty-cold morning.

Today is supposed to be the coldest, but we're not yet down to -5ºC. That's not cold at all for some of you in the northern US, Canada, or Scandinavia (and I'm sure other places). But it's cold for those of us here in the temperate climes.

I've used up all the sawed wood I had for the season. I've got another pile of logs to saw for the rest of the winter, but when I started to cut them a couple of days ago, I had a problem with the chainsaw which kept conking out on me. So I took it into the shop and asked them to check it out.

They called yesterday morning to say it was ready. Ken went out to fetch it. The guy said it's working fine, but that the air filter was clogged. He also said the chain was really worn out (I had asked him to sharpen it up while he had it) and sold us a new one. He sharpened the old chain, but said we should just keep it as a backup. I know that chain was old and it's had plenty of hard use. I've had it sharpened every year since I've had the saw (I bought it used over three years ago).

Still, it's a good machine. The repair guy said the motor was in good shape. So I'm happy about that. Now, it's time to get those logs cut. It's supposed to stay cold for another week.


  1. Walt, don't you sharpen the chain saw every day you use it?

  2. almost 6a here on saturday morning, raining, 2C or 36F temp. I have my coffee and whole grain waffles and banana for breakfast. all is quiet.

    it's beginning to warm up a bit and the darkness doesn't get real until 6p. my bradford pear tree even has beginnings of spring buds! but I have seen no sign of the daffodils or crocus poking their way up under the dirt.

    today is the first real baseball game of the spring training season; I live for this shit - nothing can pull me out of a grey winter funk better than baseball!

    have a nice weekend! :)

  3. It's not just cold, the humidity is right down too, so it;s chapped lips and sore eyes! P.

  4. Walt, sorry that your wood stash got used up so quickly, but at least you can now get to work on cutting more wood with your "new and improved" chain saw...have fun!

  5. It looks like everybody is waiting for spring. The mimosa is in bloom here in SoCal and the ornamental prune, pear trees full of flowers.
    I understand your excitement seeing crocuses. I am sure the spaghetti carbonara Ken made must have really warmed you up.

  6. Walt with a chain saw, pictures please! This is an aspect of Walt we've never seen. :)

  7. tim, yeah, right.

    anne marie, you'd like my friend, Cheryl (who comments here from time to time). She's a dyed-in-the-wool Cubs fan and looks forward to baseball season every year.

    virginiac, the wood stash was smaller this year than it has been, so I knew I was going to run out before the end.

    nadege, it certainly did!

    starman, you can say that again!

    ron, hmmmm... a future post? I do have some tree branches to cut soon.

  8. Not much else to say that the others haven't said already. You will stay warm cutting up more logs, but it still gives me goosebumps on my arms reading your current temp at -2 F. at 8:20 a.m. your time. I'm on my way to bed - I'm starting to read my third Martin Walker mystery that takes place in the Dordogne: Black Diamond.

  9. Faux pas. -2 C. 28 F. It still makes me shiver!


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