Monday, February 18, 2013


The mornings are still foggy and the low temperature is just above freezing when the day breaks. Little droplets of water coat everything, and as the morning warms up, more water vapor condenses on every surface.

Feathery beauty on the edges of the vineyard.

These wild clematis "feathers" are drooping under the weight of water droplets. They still look pretty, though.


  1. Another spectacular photo.

  2. A gorgeous photo of a simple plant...Walt why don't you enlarge and hang some of these Black and white photos in your home...I love this one.

  3. Another one of your best photos. Really, this may be my all-time favorite.

    I'm really glad you're outdoors these days, because I'm not. Your photos remind me that the natural world is still there and that I'll be able to get into the garden one of these days.

  4. Yes, I love this photo, too! Ethan Allen has had large (4) black & white photos displayed in their catalogs in the past. Large white mats and I believe white frames to draw attention to the flowers inside. Perhaps you could sell them some of your wildflower chefs-d'oeuvre!
    Are you going to bring in some of the yellow oisiers to enjoy their blooms? They root in water and can be fresh starts (you probably know that!) if you have a need for more.

  5. It has been downright chilly here for past few days. Last night it got down to about 14ºC. Brrrrrrr!!

  6. chm, :)

    virginiac, I have. Too many!

    carolyn, we're mainly out because we have to walk the dog. Which is a good thing; fresh air and exercise, even in the cold and damp. If it weren't for Callie, I'd be a lump.

    mary, I've not done that before, but it sounds nice. Except that the osiers are not ours. The guy who owns the vineyard cuts them and uses them (to tie bundles, I think), and I wouldn't want to pinch his plants!

    starman, I really feel for you! We're at -1º this morning. :)


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