Saturday, February 02, 2013

Une pomme de pin

There is no lack of pine cones in the pine woods, of course. They litter the ground and hang from the trees. In French, they're called pommes de pin (pine apples).

A cone on a long-needled pine tree.

We had rain most of the day on Friday. Sometimes it fell hard, but most of the time it was just light rain. We're expecting a light freeze on Sunday morning.


  1. I LOVE the smell of a pine forest!

    PS - you are MUCH warmer than I; 7a and 13 degrees F outside, no snow (yet); expecting some tonight.

  2. I love crepes, just with sugar and a hint of vanilla, or a very thin layer of jam! Do you have a gold coin to hold in your right hand while you flip the crepe with your left hand?

  3. Love crepes too. Brown sugar
    and lemon for me. Will yours
    be buckwheat?

  4. Did you know pine cones (dried so not too much sappy stuff left in them) dipped in wax make excellent fire starters! And they smell nice too. There was a lovely little basket of them next to the fireplace in a house we rented with directions for using them to start a fire. It was summer so we never had a chance to try them. Not sure what this might do to the flue though :)


  5. I'm hoping to see some crêpe photos :)

  6. Have you ever heard that you're not supposed to eat crêpes until after 20h00?

  7. anne marie, I'm not surprised. We live in a temperate climate zone. Extreme cold, when it happens, normally doesn't last long.

    nadege, I flipped a coin with my left hand (I'm left handed), but I flipped the crêpe with my right. It was a 2 euro coin.

    sheila, not this time. But I may make some in the near future.

    l (lynne?), I've seen those in stores and catalogs in the US, but I've never made any myself.

    judy, your wish is my command.

    starman, I've never heard that... but I'm sure it was after 20h00 somewhere!


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