Monday, February 25, 2013

A snow day

It snowed most of the day on Sunday, but just lightly and most of what fell didn't start sticking to the ground until after dark. This morning we have about an inch on the ground. But the forecast is for more snowfall during the day and into Tuesday morning, so we'll be watching out.

A little snow nestled inside a cup of oak leaves.

Of course, we don't need to go anywhere with the car today. The bread lady doesn't deliver on Mondays, so she won't have to deal with the slippery hill. We still have to take Callie out for her walks, but the snow doesn't bother her much.


  1. What a lovely photo, I especially like the single snowflake tucked into the leaf at the top left.

    Being snowed in is cosy if you don't have to go anywhere, but we've had more than enough so far this winter.

  2. WE never have snow days in Melbourne - should I feel envious Walt?

  3. we have not had any snow time off this year (so far). think we have seen about 7 inches all winter spread out over oct-feb.

  4. Wow, it's going to continue all day!?

  5. This is a beautiful photograph. Worth framing.
    Spring WILL come. Yes it will. Someday!

  6. I can enjoy your snow from here...thank you very much. Yesterday was in the 50's, blue skies and instead of walking on the treadmill, my friend called and suggested we check out our local Rose Garden and walk along the river. It was lovely. A lot of others had the same idea after all of our foggy and rainy days.
    Glad you could stay in and you didn't have to drive.

  7. What sharp edges on those oak leaves, and I like the little asterisk clinging to the upper left leaf.

    Oak leaves know how to endure long winters. Too bad I don't.

  8. I like this photo a lot....framing quality in my opinion.

  9. jean, I hear you. I'm looking forward to March. And April.

    leon, yes. You should. A snow day every now and then is a good thing.

    anne marie, still, it gets old, doesn't it!

    judy, well, yes, but with no serious effect.

    thickethouse, yes.

    mary, I understand that!

    carolyn, it's funny... I didn't see that "asterisk" when I took the picture. :)

  10. Interesting the way you've captured the snow. It looks like individual crystals.


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