Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Not enough

The sun was out most of the day on Monday, but one day is not enough to dry out this soaked landscape. We're going to have to put up with muddy conditions for quite a while longer. Unless everything freezes, of course.

The sun begins to set and moves behind a large cloud in the western sky.

This shot is at the top of the vineyard road, the point where it's at its highest. On either side of this spot, the water moves downward. But here the puddles can't drain. They have to soak in (slowly because the underlying soil is clay) or evaporate.


  1. Despite its muddy nature, I still like this photo with the sun sparkle in the puddle.

  2. Will we get a new pic of the birthday girl Callie after her session at the spa?

  3. I saw the results of the Big Dog Show (Best of Show went to the Afin Pinscher (sp?). Yesterday ABC News was predicting a Kommondor to take the top prize, which would have been fun! When I opened up your blog, those patches reminded me of a Dalmation's coat - probably because I had just heard about the dogs! I guess I would say rainy weather is for the dogs - but not really. Wet dog hair is not one of my favorite fragrances!!!
    Enjoy your outing and the lunch with friends! A day away during grey days is absolutely a necessity for me.


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