Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Just hanging around

Not all the pine needles that fall from the trees make it to the ground. At least not right away. These got stuck straddling branches.

These are just a few of the hundreds of dead needles hanging around in the woods.

American football season is over. The Super Bowl was ok. The first half was a blowout, but the Niners came back in the second half and made a game of it. Too bad they lost; they were simply outplayed.


  1. What an unusual picture! Beautifully observed. P.

  2. Art is all around us - we just need to open our eyes.

  3. I watched about the 1st hr and then gave up as it was SO late [BBC was showing it live and we can't record].

  4. The Niners are a great young team.
    I predict they have many Superbowls
    in their future. Victorious ones.

  5. Yep, it was a blowout and a blackout. People are calling it the Blackout Bowl. We watched a new episode of Downton Abbey during the blackout, so no problem!

  6. Hey, my post apparently didn't show up (I posted this morning). I was wondering whether or not you had to sit through the 30-minute power outage that happened after half-time, or if they edited that out for the re-broadcast.

  7. I had a relative who told me the Faery Folk hanged these pine needles that way for reasons I don't remember. I think it was a good sign.

  8. pauline, it was cool to see them all just hanging there.

    leon & sue, yup!

    n&a, ah, I recorded it live from one of our satellite channels.

    sheila, I remember their previous run of super bowls.

    evelyn, we're not getting the current season of DA yet. Maybe this summer!

    anne marie, ain't it cool?

    judy, no, I had recorded the game so I zipped through it once I realized what was happening. I zipped through halftime, too!

    michael, let's hope so!

  9. Nice observation with the pine needles!

    I agree about the Niners. Too many mistakes. At least they made a game of it.

  10. I watched the end of the game just to see if the Raven s could hold on.


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