Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gimme a break

A break in the clouds, that is. I can't complain. We have a bit of sun here and there. Mostly there and not so much here. It's nice when it happens because the light just brightens everything up.

Blue sky is always a welcome sight this time of year.

The light also shows how dusty things are in the house. Whenever we have a sunny morning I'm motivated to pull out the vacuum cleaner and the duster. Most of the dust this time of year is ash from the wood stove. I clean the stove out the morning after each fire and inevitably fine ash floats about and settles. On everything.

With that and the dog's hair... well.


  1. Wishing you more blue skies Walt!
    Get that vacuum out and have fun with some music while you hair gets everywhere.

  2. Forget the dusting, look for and enjoy blue skies whenever you can find them.

  3. Spring is a coming! Hold on!

  4. Well, the blue sky photo is uplifting, so, what more can we say? :)

  5. A little blue sky does wonders to lift the spirits, which is more than I can say for vacuuming or dusting!

  6. Its almost like you used one photo on top of the first one to get those grey/black drifts of clouds. Nice effect! And uplifting as well.
    I'm also with Craig on the vacuuming, although afterwards, I do feel like celebrating about how clean the house looks!

  7. We've had a lot of clouds here. They are big cumulus clouds that result in a lot of blocked sun during the day.

  8. virginiac, thanks! Yes, dog hair gets everywhere. Ack!

    bettyann, oh yes, I do!

    ron, yippee!

    judy, it's nice to see in the winter.

    craig, so true.

    mary, I wish I were that smart, but that's just the way it looked.

    starman, sometimes that's nice if the sun's too hot.


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