Sunday, February 24, 2013


Not much interesting here, but yesterday I was yet again experimenting with camera settings and took a series of photos of the ingredients for lunch. Ken roasted a slab of pork belly with root vegetables.

Red potatoes, turnips, and a rutabaga. There are carrots just outside the frame.

I was checking out the effects of white balance adjustments under the LED lights in the kitchen. Nothing earth-shattering to report, but I liked the way this photo turned out. Lunch was delicious, as usual. Don't forget to eat your vegetables!


  1. Great photo!
    Roasted roots and belly pork......I'll be there in five minutes !!

  2. Nice still life, Walt. I noticed the little roots coming out of the turnip aimed at the camera!
    Also, nice effect of the shadow created by the rutabaga.

  3. Nice colors and textures. Some of your closeups of food would make lovely wall art for the kitchen, if framed. And if you were so inclined, as not everyone is.

  4. judy, if only the long shots would come out so well.

    jean, we used the leftovers in Sunday's lunch!

    mary, :)

    starman, :)

    emm, I've done that. Got three up on the wall now. Maybe it's time for a change!

  5. one of my favorite dishes is rutabagas and carrots diced and sautéed in some soy sauce and oil. It's hard to get rutabagas here; not a popular vegetable, more's the pity.


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