Thursday, February 21, 2013

Frosty mornings

The last few mornings have been cold. At or below freezing. The ground is still too warm to freeze completely, but the surface is crunchy nonetheless. A thin layer of ice covers all the puddles and water holes.

A fine frost on last year's flowers, or what remains of them.

Frost coats everything until the sun rises to melt it. The days have been warming up nicely becoming very pleasant, but that's about to end. We're entering a short (we hope) cold spell right now. Clear skies, no precipitation, but a north wind that's bringing more icy temperatures.


  1. I really do love your frost photos. Great stuff. Still... can't wait for spring!

  2. Each day I look forward to reading your descriptive words and beautiful photos, Walt! Merci.
    Umbels are like upside-down umbrellas! Very nice.

  3. Love the photos, hate the weather!

  4. I like the frosty spikeyness of this pic.
    Did you get anywhere with using your old lenses?

    1. Re: Question... see my latest comment on the previous post.

  5. Also my brother sent me this info...
    he must be trapped indoors by the bad weather in the UK...
    There have been a lot of problems using older Sigma lenses on new Canon cameras.
    Most of the older lenses have to be sent into Sigma to be "re-chipped" with an IC that will talk to Canon cameras.
    They do work with some limitations.
    The auto-focus works but you have to use the camera on Av or Manual with the lens aperture set at its maximum.
    If you do anything tha causes the camera to try to set the F stop then you will get an Error 99 - lens communication error


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