Friday, February 08, 2013

Rockin' robin

I got up this morning around seven-thirty. The sky was already lightening up and I could hear birds tweeting (as opposed to Tweeting) outside. Three weeks from today it will be March. And the equinox is not far behind that. I'm hopeful that the worst of winter's dark is behind us.

A couple of leaves hang on in the piney woods. There are not just pines in there.

Still, winter is not done with us, not yet. We don't have to worry about the kind of storm they're expecting in New England this weekend, but we can still expect to see wintry weather through the end of the month.


  1. 2-4 inches expected in philly, and baseball season starts in 5 days! C'MON SPRING!

    PS - I saw the first robin last week pecking around my yard for juicy worms.

  2. I was pretty excited the other day when, coming home at 5:45, I realized that it was still very light out! How nice! Only a month or so ago it would have been dark at 4:45.

  3. We are bracing for two to three feet of snow, Walt. Thought we might get through a winter without too much, but ain't going to happen. I am thinking spring thoughts....And drinking wine.

  4. Walt

    It is not only New England . We are in the midst of 2 storms - one from the west and then the one from the Northeast. Havoc on the roads/Hwys this morning . It won't be as bad as what they are predicting for Toronto ( wonder if they will call the Army - a jpke from 1999) or Boston ( they are expecting blizzard)

  5. Hi Walt. Lucky you guys to have your winters the way they are! We are getting the big one here tonight....same one as New England and Ontario.
    Have a great weekend and thanks for dropping by today.

  6. Judy, I noticed here in the Pacific NW how light it was last night, too!
    Spring will get here eventually - we've been socked in with fog. I'll be watching what the East Coast receives on the news tonight. Thinking about the poor people in Sandy Hook and New Jersey...they're probably wondering what they did to deserve all of this harsh weather.

  7. Only a few more months until Eurovision!

  8. Suggestion from a Boston weatherman this morning: clear off (snowblow) your driveway before going to bed tonight to get rid of the first 8 - 9 inches, then expect to find 12 -15 inches more snow by morning (repeat snowblowing), and do a final cleanup Saturday afternoon/evening (8 - 10. more inches).

  9. Hi Walt. Long time no comment. Nice to catch up with your news. Even here in Scotland the mornings and nights are stretching! Best wishes to yourself and Ken.

  10. No snow for us down here on the eastern coastal shore of Delaware. We are patiently awaiting the robins of spring.

  11. No wintry weather here, alas

  12. anne marie, baseball season?

    judy, I know! Glad it's getting lighter. Now we need to work on warmer.

    bill, stay safe and warm! I hope you don't run out of wine...

    t.b., it's normally this time of year when hopes of spring are dashed!

    jim, yes, it's not bad at all. I visit your site often, I'm just not good at leaving comments!

    mary, we can have fog for days in the fall. It can make you crazy after a while!

    starman, somehow that doesn't help... ;)

    bob, I looked online this morning and saw that you had 13" (in the wee hours of the morning your time). So, did you take the weatherman's advice? I would have checked my wine supply first...

    craig, thanks! Good to hear from you!

    ron, we have (european) robins all winter long. We feed them on the deck along with the tits and the chaffinches.

    michael, I'm sure you would find our summers cooler than your winters.

    1. I did use the snowblower before going to bed last night. There were about 14 inches of snow in the driveway, and it took an hour to get the job done.

      This morning, it looked like I had done very little thanks to the blizzard conditions blowing the snow every which way. I'd guess about 16 more inches in the driveway, but some of that was from the blowing and drifting. The worst of it was the end of the driveway at the street. The town plow drivers had piled up about 4 feet of snow and that took a combination of shoveling and snowblowing to finally secure access to Peakham Road.

      All is well. And not to worry about the wine.

  13. Just take it slow and steady, Bob. I remember some of those same snowy conditions when I was the stay-at-home person living in Wisconsin and Illinois who was responsible for the long driveway and sometimes that wall of snow left by the street plow - sometimes those same 4-foot ones. Well done. Taking it as it falls was also one way I tackled it - but I had to take breaks for something warm to drink and to change from wet to dry clothes.

  14. I was out walking Mickey this morning and saw three robins in a tree. Spring is on the way!


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