Saturday, September 07, 2013

Walking the dogs

Our friends' house in Le Grand-Pressigny is close enough to the château that it's a quick walk up to the fields behind. From there, we can make a long loop around town that includes a section along the river. Of course, then we have to walk through town with Callie on her leash, but she doesn't mind that.

Ken and friends and two dogs enjoying the landscape. That's a water tower on the opposite hill.

We spent a nice afternoon tasting wine up on the Loire on Friday. We visited three places, one winery in the Touraine-Mesland appellation and two in the Touraine-Amboise appellation. The last two are located in a pretty town called Limeray that I wouldn't mind seeing again. All are on the river's right (northern) bank. I took some photos but I haven't looked at them yet.


  1. If you look at it quickly, it looks like the water tower is sitting on the post in the foreground.

    1. starman, I know... I almost didn't post this photo for that reason.

  2. The water tower is a surprisingly interesting addition to the landscape.

  3. Great vista, Walt-- man, that grass is getting brown!

  4. That's a lovely photo of a lovely afternoon. Glad you all enjoyed the wine tasting and wandering around the village.

  5. I read the Loire wines are quite lovely.

  6. mitch, water towers are varied and interesting all over the country.

    judy, our back yard is just as brown right now.

    virginiac, we did, indeed!

    michael, they are, and there is such a variety of styles and grapes -- it's a big area.

  7. Watching US Open live right now. I'm not telling. Enjoy the fruits and veggies of your labor!


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