Friday, June 13, 2014

Busy days

We're loving our current period of summery weather. On Thursday, Ken and I enjoyed a leisurely lunch with our friend, CHM, on the patio of a very nice restaurant up near the Château de Chambord. After that we took a pretty drive along the Loire River to Blois, where CHM got a train back to Paris.

Mist rises from the woods next to the vineyard on a sunny morning.

Today we plan to do some more outdoor work. Ken wants to clear out and clean our glassed-in entry porch for the season. We keep a lot of plants in there over winter and into the spring, but now many of them have been relocated outdoors, so it's a good opportunity to reorganize and clean. I'm going to finish cutting the grass (I started on Wednesday). There are a dozen little things that need to be done outdoors over the next couple of days, as well. Busy!

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  1. look at how green the vineyard is! have a nice (but busy) weekend, boys!


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