Friday, June 20, 2014

The end of spring

Summer is about to begin. Astronomical summer, that is. The solstice is tomorrow; my second favorite day of the year. My first favorite is the winter solstice, which also happens to be my birthday. So I'm hoping that we'll have a good summer. Both for the vegetable garden and for sitting outdoors in shorts and tee-shirts.

The wisteria is done flowering for now. The lavender is getting ready to bloom.

This is the back side of our house as it looks right now. It faces due west and takes most of the weather (rain, wind, storms). We sleep up under the roof, near the attic window on the left. When summer thunderstorms rumble through, we hear them as if we were up inside them.


  1. So pretty. Happy Half Birthday!

  2. lucky u weren't shocked (or worse) cutting into the electric cord, yikes

  3. angiemanzi, thanks!

    melinda, the trimmer is all plastic (except for the blade, of course) so I was well insulated. Phew!


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