Friday, June 06, 2014

Where we ate

This is the restaurant where we had lunch on Tuesday. It's called  Au Rendez-vous d'Agnès Sorel after the famous mistress of King Charles VII in the fifteenth century. She died very young after giving birth to their fourth child.

We sat at the table in the window on the left, with a view of the town's 11th century church.

The king was so taken with her that he accorded her several properties around France, including Loches in the southern Touraine region. It was Agnès who had the renaissance castle built there. Her body is entombed in the church adjacent to the château, but her heart was taken to the abbey at Jumièges in Normandy.

We enjoyed a leisurely lunch at the restaurant. As I mentioned earlier, Ken will probably share his photos of what we ate there.


  1. Looks like a cozy little place.

  2. Charming. It looks like an idealized stage set. So wonderful that this is what it really looks like.

  3. It's beautiful inside and out as I recall.

  4. We have been meaning to eat at "the Agnes Sorel" for years. It's in such a lovely spot and the menu always looks interesting, slightly challenging in fact.
    Perhaps this next visit. Whenever that might be.

  5. stuart, cozy and very good food.

    anne marie, it's a nice spot with plenty of charm. :)

    mitch, better than Disney!

    evelyn, you recall correctly. :)

    jean, hope it's soon!


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