Tuesday, June 03, 2014

I say to-MAY-to

This post is basically a way for me to document the progress of the garden. First up, the tomato plot. I put sixteen of my seedlings in this square. There are four varieties of tomato represented. But don't worry, I've got about sixteen more tomato seedlings (other varieties) to get into another plot.

Little tomato plants and their supports. I'll post another photo later in the season as they grow.

I plan the get them in today, along with the eggplant seedlings and some zucchini and winter squash seeds. I've also planted the corn, thirty-six seeds, four in each of nine mounds in another square plot. Winter squash will go in between the mounds and I will plant climbing beans among the corn plants once they sprout. And then there's the cucumber tree (more about that later).


  1. I love the spiral tuteurs - they say French cottage garden to me. The gentle art of tomato winding is to come. No ties needed - to think of the backbreaking hours I spent in UK tying tomato plants to canes just makes me ache to think about it. We tried the "three sisters" of corn, squash and beans but I don't think we got it right - the squash were miserable but the beans grew very strongly and pulled the corn plants over. We didn't get the spacing right, I think. P.

  2. I love those supports. It looks at this point like a sculpture garden.

  3. pauline, I don't know if I got the spacing right, either. I followed a pattern I saw on the internet. Time will tell.

    mitch, you're right! Now I like it even more. :)

  4. You know I go bezerk with jealousy seeing toms a-growing!


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