Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Lunch out

On Tuesday we ventured out to lunch with our friend, CHM. The restaurant is one we have been to several times over the years. It's located in a small town about a half-hour south of us. There were six customers: the three of us, a couple, and another man. The hostess (the chef's wife) is very friendly and welcoming.

Not far from the restaurant is a little grocery and this inviting little courtyard. Too bad about the car in the shot.

After a delicious lunch I took a few photos out in the front of the restaurant. Ken and CHM took more pictures than I did, including the food we ate, and some of them will likely show up on Ken's blog in the coming days.

Today it's raining, but we're expecting a kind of heat wave for the weekend and the following week with temperatures predicted to go into the high 20sC (around 80F). That will be good for the vegetable garden!


  1. So many really good photos are spoiled by vehicles parked all over the place. That's one of the challenges of trying to take a good picture anywhere. Especially in France where there are good pictures to be had on every corner, if only there wasn't a huge lorry or scruffy car parked right in front of the view!
    One of my most memorable examples was when we stopped at a little café up in the mountains somewhere. There were three tables outside with a breathtaking view over the valley. We were the only customers and it was a truly magical experience - until the delivery lorry stopped right in front of us and stayed there long after he had made his delivery, to have a drink and a chat with the owner!
    He could very easily have parked a few metres further along as he only had one small parcel to deliver but, like most people, he just had to park right outside!

  2. I've been waiting two years to get a clear shot of a cool home here that always has a car (or two) parked out front. Sigh. Some day.

  3. What a charming spot. I hate when cars get in the way of good shots. I'm tempted to tell people to move their cars.

  4. Love the little lucarne in the roof over the courtyard entrance :)

  5. I love the notion of small stores; i hate chain stores.

  6. jean, ugh!

    stuart, it's like back in the 19th century when a painter wanted to do a scene, there was always a darned horse and buggy in the way!

    mitch, tempted... but you value your life. ;)

    judy, I like that, too.

    michael, well, this one is a chain store, sorry to say.


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