Thursday, June 05, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Since we're expecting some warm days ahead, I thought a pool picture would be appropriate. Here I am chilling out beside a friend's pool in California, sometime in the mid 1990s, some twenty years ago. I'm likely sipping a California sparkling wine in a plastic flute. Poolside safety and all that.

Cool by the pool.

This is a section of a larger photo that included our dog at the time, Collette, sitting not far from me. Unfortunately, I cut her part of the photo out to put in a frame. This was in the days before I had photoshop and could do that digitally. I still have that part of the photo in its frame, though.


  1. Wearing a t-shirt like that...
    it should be beer in the glass...
    a Florette perhaps?

  2. Well, you could always scan it, then Photoshop her to sit right next to you.

  3. You are going to make Martine very happy!

  4. Ooh, yes, do what Stuart said! And then show us the whole photo :) It would be nice to see Collette.

  5. I love this photo. And the mustache. And even the white legs! I agree that you should put the photo back together.

  6. tim, I also had one with the French flag on it.

    stuart, that would be a winter project. ;)

    anne marie, kind of a 70s style porn 'stache!

    nadege, lol

    judy, I have another, but it's not as good.

    ginny, but of course! ;)

    mitch, I was never much of a tanner. I burn too easily.


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