Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Stormy weather

Recent warm weather has brought us thunderstorms with lots of sound, light, and rain. And we even got a little hail (very little, thankfully). The storms have come overnight or early in the morning, after a day of sunshine and humidity.

Storm clouds clear off on Sunday morning.

Things are expected to calm down for a while now. We need some dry days to continue our garden work and I need to get the grass cut before it gets any taller.


  1. We had quite the fireworks display from above last night. I can't remember seeing so much lightning and non-stop thunder. There were only few little bits of hail so thankfully no damage to our new roses. Anyway, I hope you get back to your yard duties soon so we can see the results.

  2. why does lena horne pop into my lead after seeing your blog title today?

  3. One of the good things about storms -- the opportunity for great storm-cloud photos!
    Hope you can get the grass mowed!

  4. Oh but I love storms! I miss them so

  5. stuart, glad it wasn't worse. And it's not even summer yet. Yikes!

    mary, I'm going to give it a try on Wednesday.

    michael, you don't get them at all in Phoenix?


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