Saturday, June 07, 2014

The cucumber tree

I'm trying another experiment in the vegetable garden this year. I read on the internet that many growers of cucumbers train their plants vertically so that the fruit grows freely in the air. Gravity works to keep the fruit from bending, resulting in long, straight cucumbers. So I've built a tripod from some old fence posts we have hanging around and planted cucumber seeds at the bottom of each leg.

The cucumber tree, stage one: the seeds are planted.

I'm hoping to train the plants up the legs of the tripod so that the fruit will grow suspended in the air. In the meantime, I've planted some coriander seeds under the tripod. It grows quickly and we should be able to harvest it long before the cukes form.


  1. And that's how the construction of a Teepee starts.

  2. Walt....
    just how heavy a crop are you expecting...
    I'm sure bambou would do... ;-)

  3. Walt

    Hope you get some good bunches of coriander from the seeds. I have never been successful with the seeds, so I go to the nursery to buy the plants

  4. Clever idea. We grow our Japanese cucumbers on a trellis or they'd be wandering all over the garden.

  5. I'll be watching your progress. I'm growing my English cucumbers and lemon cucumbers on a trellis this year, using some extra fencing material. I wasn't sure if the vines would grow up something as bulky as the fence posts, but I love the look of the structure. Good luck with the coriander. Mine is just sitting, doing rather nothing, but I'm sure will bolt as soon as it has the option.

  6. Yes!
    I have grown my cukes up trellises and along fences. This allows the fruit to hang down, grow straight , be visible and make for better pickings.
    Good luck - this is a handy way to do them.


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