Saturday, June 21, 2014

First day of summer

It's here. And so is the sun, although by no means could you call it "hot." Our highs right now are in the low-to-mid 20sC (low-to-mid 70sF). Comfortable, but not hot. And certainly not humid. And we're certainly not complaining.

Blackberries (not yet ripe) grow along our back fence. This is looking east, into our garden.

We repaired the electrical extension cord that I sliced the other day. It's now about a meter shorter than it was, which was 50 meters originally, I think. Next I have to decide whether to try and mulch the hedge trimmings for compost (with the grinder) or just chuck 'em over the fence.


  1. Nick has just trimmed our hedge. The trimmings go in the "green bin" - a large bin provided by the council for garden waste and collected every two weeks, for nine months of the year.
    It's very helpful and saves the dilemma of whether to compost, chuck or take to the tip! It's one of the few things we would miss if we moved to France permanently.

  2. over the fence! and I would love to see a blackberry tarte when they are ripe!

  3. Wow, blackberries are my favourite fruit.

  4. Walt, if they are your Cherry Laurel hedge....
    over the fence... they contain cyanins!!

    1. tim, not to worry. They're hazelnuts.

    2. Grind and compost....
      or grind and put round your squashes as a mulch in this horrible, ultra-drying combination of strong sunlight and constant wind.
      They'll love it!!
      Just come in from watering the potager, again!!

  5. Fête de la musique is getting to be popular in quite a few countries.
    Here it is close to St Jean Baptiste day that it is a whole WE affair up to the 24th , in addition to all the different summer music festivals

  6. We take our trimmings for a 'walk in the woods' most times; although we do have a grinder. Wheelbarrow into woods is quicker.

  7. There is nothing so lovely and the summer time in the month of June. It used to be my favorite month. Now, summer is more of a something to endure for a few months.

  8. Lucky you! Those blackberries look like the thornless variety? They grow everywhere here in Oregon and I don't know anyone who doesn't enjoy their fruit - even though we all moan their invasive qualities.
    Thanks for the Wimbledon notice, I will be trying to follow the prelims from the website!

    Mary in OR


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