Thursday, June 12, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Last week I shared a photo of me beside a swimming pool. And so I do again this week, but this one is from much earlier. The year was 1962. The place was my grandparents' house in Tampa, Florida. The outfit, well, I have no idea.

A cross between Popeye the Sailor Man and Robinson Crusoe.

Get a load of the blond hair! My father had very dark hair and my mother's hair was red. I got the blend. Of course, nowadays it's grey. The great leveler. Family legend has it that it was around this time that I thought it a good idea to jump into the pool. After I went under for the third time, my father decided he should probably put down his beer, get out of his lounge chair, and pull me out of the water. I, of course, have no recollection of these events.

As a bonus, here's my dad in the very same pool, beer in hand, probably resting after the rescue.


  1. These pics look as though they were taken only yesterday. Perhaps they were? ;-)

  2. What a towhead you were! The outfit is to die for. Love the post and seeing your dad floating with the beer!

  3. I'm wondering what kind of beer that is. I don't recognize the label. Isn't it interesting how they've changed the packaging over the years? No one puts beer in bottles with those bitty necks anymore.

    1. Oh yes they do!
      I've just stocked the fridge with a stack of "identickle" bottles of Munster...
      an Alsace beer sold by Auchan...
      they must have bought the bottling plant second-hand from the 'States!!

  4. I remember seeing beer bottles like that in KY. Oertles 92 was popular there. Also Falls City.

  5. What great photos and memories. So, I guess you've always been adorable! Did you call those pants clam diggers or pedal pushers? I had both but couldn't tell you the difference. Apparently now they'r all called "Capris."

  6. Priceless ! There's something about the tint from photos of that era. And that look of your dad's is what I've been trying to capture in retirement.


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