Saturday, June 14, 2014

This will be wine

One day. Hopefully. If they don't get pruned away before the harvest, the grapes these buds will become will be made into tasty wine. The flowers should open soon and then the grapes will form and ripen over the summer.

When the fruit forms and grows, the bunches will bend downward. For now they point skyward.

I can't tell you what kind of grapes they are. I've forgotten exactly where I took the picture, and I've taken many like it in different vineyard parcels. I don't know enough about grapes to accurately identify the varietal by the leaf shape, but these leaves look close enough to gamay leaves that I will guess that's probably what they are. Gamay is one of the three red varietals grown around us, the other two being cabernet franc and côt.


  1. Keep your eye on the grapes, not the leaves.

  2. Such grace and beauty here.
    I too have planted 18 grape plants, for a Petite vineyard of grapes along side my home, I just love looking out my kitchen window while creating and taking in all they inspire soulfully. I am not in France but can imagine I am when I look out my window.

    Keep sharing those beautiful pictures of yours.


  3. such an inspiration. maybe someday i will grow my own vineyard...for now, i will stick with my potted plants :) here n the urban jungle.

  4. gamay-based wines are 'fun' they are not tannic and delicious. They are one of my favorites.


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