Monday, June 16, 2014

Periodic puppy pics

Now that the garden is (mostly) in, is it time to relax? Heck no! On Sunday I finished a project that was nine months in the making. Remember when I propagated hydrangea cuttings last fall? Now they're planted in the ground along the east front of the house. Ken and I dug up the tired old roses and two camellias (which he relocated to another part of the yard) last week.

Callie waits for me between a row of vines and the tall grass.

I amended the soil, added a little wood border, and finished off the planting with pine bark chips to keep weeds down and moisture in. Now we just need those little shrubs to settle into their new home and grow. I realize that I should probably have a photo of it here to go along with the text, but I haven't taken one yet.


  1. Your hydrangea cuttings looked great so I'm sure they'll do really well alongside the house.

  2. Oh boy! I can't wait to see the new hydrangea garden! (In the mean time, it's great to see Callie :)


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