Tuesday, June 24, 2014

We had a rainy day

It didn't rain much, but it did rain on Monday. It's good for the grass, but also good for the weeds. Still, I got some work done in the vegetable garden. I planted a second row of green beans. I'm following the successive planting method so that, if all goes well, we will have new beans when the first beans are done. I plan to plant a third row in another week.

These are little morning glory types of flowers. They open up in the sun, and close up at night. Tiny, but very pretty.

We harvested a bunch of chervil, too, which we used in making stuffed grape leaves, or dolmas. Ken picked thirty-five leaves from the grape vines in our yard. That's pretty much all they're good for, as they don't produce very many grapes. We also harvested some mint for the stuffing. Ken made the stuffing with ground beef, rice, and the herbs. I stuffed and folded the leaves. They're cooking in the oven as I type. Can't wait to taste them.


  1. Yes, Field Bindweed is very pretty....
    but an absolute pest in the potager!!

    And your Chervil looks very lush....
    do you grow it in the shade?

  2. Lovely to meet you at last Walt. Looks fine for Wimbledon too!

  3. tim, oh, thanks for naming the plant. I didn't know what it was called. The chervil is in mostly shade, yes, but now it's bolting.

    christine, likewise. Glad you introduced yourself. I watched a lot of tennis yesterday afternoon!

    judy, we will be eating dolmas as part of our lunch today (Wednesday).


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