Monday, June 09, 2014

Petit à petit

The big old apple tree in our back yard is falling down. Little by little. This weekend we lost yet another branch. It didn't separate from the tree, but over the course of three days it bent down and touched the grass. I sawed it off on Saturday.

Another one bites the dust. Or, in this case, the grass.

Now I've got to cut it up and put it into the wood pile for burning. We lost a larger branch from this tree last year, and another big one came down in 2011. The tree is not entirely healthy and now it is lopsided. One day I will have to decide to take it down altogether.


  1. We planted a Reine Claude d'Orée gage in our potager....
    to replace our wonderful old one....
    by the big old apple tree...
    by the old longere...
    that gage is covered in bracket fungi....
    has canker...
    but, when it fruits, they are wonderful!
    But like your apple, it is on its way out!!

    1. And I love the picture of the week... 4:30... but AM or PM....
      or is it 10AM on a 24hr Dandelion?

  2. This happened to our old Reine Claude plum tree. We miss it. But it was so high, it was impossible to collect the plums and we had what we called falling jam, a real mess to clean up. Apparently a few pits survived and we have a daughter of the tree growing on the property line with one major branch on our side and another on the neighbor's. It only produces a couple of plums per year, though. He prunes his side more than we do ours and I wonder if he has more fruit. If he does, it's more accessible.

  3. tim, ellen, we lost our two plum trees when Xynthia blew through in 2010. The didn't produce a lot, but usually what we got was good. I think they were also reine claude, but not sure.


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