Monday, June 02, 2014

The callas are in flower

This year, for some reason, the calla lilies are looking very nice and have many flowers. I had almost given up on them. I suppose the mild winter and all the rain we had have something to do with it.

A calla lily flower. In French it's called arum.

The vegetable garden is getting planted. I put in sixteen tomato plants, eight bell peppers, and sowed a bunch of cucumber seeds on Sunday. Today I'm hoping to finish with the remaining tomatoes, put in the eggplant seedlings, and sow the corn seeds. Ken might till up the remaining garden plot which is slated for summer squash.


  1. tres belle fleurs! looks like a cheeto snack in the middle!

  2. 16 tomato plants! That's a lot of tomatoes. The city here just planted flowerbeds at each arcaded entrance to the beach. Lots of calla lillies, which will be watered by the run-off from the new showers installed alongside the flowerbeds. I love how they grow when they're happy.

  3. Walt, I sure you are right about the damp with the arums...
    our wild ones in the meadow are the biggest, lushest and large flowered I've ever seen....
    I like callas, but in the UK they are associated with funerals!! Pity...

  4. One of my cherry tomato plants (a yellow variety) already has three little green tomatoes! They are the size of huge peas at this point, but I'm amazed to have them already. I only put the plants in two weeks ago, and we had several nights of unexpectedly-low temps in the '40s just after I planted.

  5. Well it sure does look happy. In fact, a first glance I thought I detected a smile. Anyway, a beautiful flower well-captured.

  6. Amazing! Calla Lilies are blooming voraciously just outside my french classroom and one of the students was trying to find the french translation today - no one could find it until I returned home and opened up your blog! Arum! C'est ça! Merci, Walt!

    I can see the smile, too, Stuart!

  7. I see the smile now, too... but, my first thought was, "uterus and fallopian tubes" :)

  8. anne marie, it's like a Rorschach test! I wonder how Dr. Spo would react?

    mitch, silly mitchell... there are sixteen more!

    tim, in the US as well.

    judy, your tomatoes must have got an early start!

    stuart, this flower is kind of folded over so it doesn't look like the others.

    mary, de rien!


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