Monday, March 07, 2016

Gallery at Chenonceau

This is a stylized (another word for over-processed) version of my photo of the Chenonceau castle's gallery from 2006. I was there with friends on a rainy March afternoon. There were very few visitors and I saw something I hadn't seen before, nor since: the gallery completely empty of people.

I took this with Ken's Kodak DC4800 camera, just a couple of months before I got my first digital camera.

This room spans the Cher river and is one of the iconic features of the castle. I'm sure only the castle's staff and few other people get to see the gallery this way. I got lucky. I had to move quickly to get the shot, and I didn't get the perspective properly centered. But it's close enough. Before I knew it, people began to wander in and the shot was gone.


  1. Looks fine to me... excellent if you had to "snap" rather than "take"!!

  2. Great shot. I love to get these empty shots. People regular comment to me on how few people are around. Just the luck of the moment.

  3. So much beautiful geometry going on - diamonds, arches, horizontals, and verticals - fun to get lost in the space.

  4. Either you didn't get the perspective 100% or one of the foreground planters is not well positioned against its vis-à-vis ( oropposite facing one). As an amateur I will go with the second opinion :-)

  5. I wonder if after they had done the tiles in red and yellow Madame de Chenonceau said that she thinks it would be nicer to have black and white.


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