Sunday, September 25, 2016

Berries in black and white

These aren't grapes, but some wild berries out on the edge of the woods next to the vineyards. They're black, or at least very deep and dark purple. I thought they'd look interesting without the distraction of the green and yellow of the leaves behind. So there you go.

I'll bet these will be a fall meal for some form of wildlife.

With two exceptions, I'm using the lenses I got for the old camera on the new one. The first exception is that the short 18mm-70mm zoom is not compatible with the new camera, so I'm not using that one. The second exception is that I got a new 24mm fixed lens for the new camera, so I've never used that on the old camera. I'm finding that the "old" lenses behave a little differently on the new, full-frame camera from how they behaved on the old cropped sensor model. The differences are subtle, but I notice them.


  1. Lovely DoF on this....and you are right about B&W... it works!!
    The berries look like wild Privet.... much looser bush than the hedging privet....
    and the flowers don't stink quite as much!!

  2. These have been some beautiful photos the last few days :) -- especially beautiful, I should say.

  3. tim, it's strange, but I never remember what the plant looked like after I've taken close ups like this.

    judy, thank you!

    gosia, thanks!


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