Sunday, September 11, 2016

Look, up in the sky!

I don't know what dogs see when they see a hot air balloon. Whatever it is, it drives them crazy and they bark and chase the thing as far as they can. Maybe it's something similar to howling at the moon. Callie reacts to the moon the same way she reacts to a hot air balloon.

The balloon rises with the sun.

When we went out for our walk on Friday morning, I heard the familiar "whoosh" of a balloon's propane burner. Sure enough, a balloon was climbing up in the southern sky. It was moving very slowly toward us; there was very little wind that morning. Callie started barking and running around the vineyard, up and down the rows, trying the chase the balloon away. I could hear other dogs in the distance, under the balloon, doing likewise.

The balloon is an advertisement for a well-known brand.

Eventually the balloon crossed our path and moved very slowly on toward the north before disappearing from view behind some trees. It was only then that Callie calmed down. She had once again saved us from a horrible end by chasing away that big, menacing ball in the sky.


  1. I bought "Bonne Maman" fig conserve here in Perth yesterday, Walt :-)!

  2. But perhaps Callie and the other dogs will chase away aliens when we need them to one day!

    1. Yes, I do believe she thinks she's protecting her master from harm, bless her.

  3. that brand is sold in my local grocery store1

  4. Hot air balloons are common here in the desert. I see them often. I am going to try one this october.
    Good for Callie! protecting you from their evil ways.

  5. jan, that sounds good!

    kiwi, bark long and prosper!

    raybeard, or she's just nuts... ;)

    anne marie, I think they're world-wide now. They make tasty stuff!

    michael, they're popular here, too. Castles and vineyards from the air and all that.


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