Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Periodic puppy pics

Callie in the grass. Normally when I stop to take pictures during our walks, Callie stops and waits for me. But she will occupy herself with sniffing the plants, munching on some grass, or other things while she waits. This time she watched me long enough that I could frame and snap this image.

Are you done, yet?

With the coming rain, and overall fall and winter seasons, we will be leaving the dry paws days behind us and entering the muddy paws days. Joy.


  1. I think she's wanting you to do something 'interesting'.

  2. She probably has similar thoughts, come the rainy season: "Why don't they buy me some proper Wellies so I don't have to squelch through this mud?"

  3. raybeard, the sooner I get on with it, the sooner we get home to treats and breakfast!

    judy, and we're lucky humans!

    evelyn, thanks!

    anne marie, right!

    emm, I don't think it really bothers her, except for having to get cleaned up when we get back to the house. ;)

  4. Ah, so it's a "Get a move on!" look.


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