Wednesday, September 21, 2016

One pill makes you larger

After the rain we had last week, some mushrooms have shown up. Nothing big, yet. I saw these fragile little fungi on the side of the dirt road through the vineyard. As fall progresses, there will be more and more mushrooms, including the edible kind, to be found.

There were four or five of these in the vicinity.

I've never had the nerve to collect my own mushrooms, even though some edible ones actually grow in our yard. I'm not taking any chances. We buy our mushrooms from people that, we hope, know what they're doing.


  1. It's a risky business indeed, when so many of them look must so appetising and welcoming - almost with an "Eat me!" sign.

  2. I'm too timid to pick them myself, but I'm more than happy to accept those collected by our neighbor who's been doing it all his life. None yet this year, however.


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