Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What the heck

I can't stop posting pictures of grapes. This year's crop is the most abundant and beautiful in recent memory. A very wet spring followed by a hot and dry summer seems to be just the right kind of weather for the grapes in our region.

'Tis the season. I think these are sauvignon rose (pink sauvignon) grapes. They're used as a blending grape, from what I've read.

And while the very wet spring was a little too wet for my taste, the hot and dry summer more than made up for it. Now that fall is here, shorts and bare feet are no longer comfortable. It's back to long pants and socks. It won't be long until the heating season kicks in.


  1. Must be nice not to be wielding your chainsaw as in years past. I'm going to miss all your and Ken's autumn photos.

  2. Love seeing the grape photos- soon this harvest will be history.

  3. now I wanna glass of wine. and I turned on the heat last night.

  4. sheila, why will you miss them? Are you going somewhere?

    evelyn, I'm looking forward to the wine!

    anne marie, I'm hoping not to have to do that for a couple more weeks. :)


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