Friday, September 16, 2016

I say toMAYto

The hot summer we had was very good to our tomatoes. Even with the late start they got, and with the lousy muddy clay they went into, they grew great and we had no signs of blight. Now we're reaping the rewards.

A couple trays of garden tomatoes on the deck, waiting to be used and preserved.

It's time to start harvesting the bell peppers now. And there are still a lot of eggplants out there, although they're smaller than the first round we got. The pumpkins and other winter squash won't be ready for a while. And we've left the greens in. They should continue to grow and produce as the weather gets cooler and wetter.


  1. I see alot of roasted peppers in your future. I make in bulk and put into small freezer bags and take out as I need. I am making my tomato passato this weekend which I treat the same way. The weather has cooled here in NYC/Brooklyn and I am looking forward to doing it, I have friends coming as well and we all make it together. I also see a few bottles of wine in my future as we cook. :)

  2. OH I am mad-jealous I would sell my grandmother for some toms.


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