Monday, September 19, 2016

Sun made raisins

This is not the way commercial raisins are made. But they're (sort of) nature's version. The grapes on these vines found themselves exposed to the very hot sun we had for a while and they just shriveled up. I see a lot of these out in the vineyards right now, a testament to this year's hot and dry summer.

I haven't tasted any of the "raisins." They're full of seeds.

I've tasted the grapes here and there (don't tell anyone). They're very sweet, another consequence of the hot and dry summer. I wonder if the rain we had over the last few days will plump up the grapes any, toning down the sweetness with extra moisture? The rain didn't seem to scare the growers, otherwise we would have seen some harvesting activity. But they're not at it, yet.


Pour your heart out! I'm listening.