Thursday, September 29, 2016

Change is our friend

The grape harvest is under way and, as the nights get cooler and cooler, the grape leaves are starting to change color. It's subtle right now. When I look out over the vineyards from a distance I still see a sea of solid green. But here and there, when I walk among the vines, I find individual leaves getting a jump on their neighbors, the first to adopt the fall fashion.

The chlorophyll is beginning to diminish, revealing spots of crimson on these leaves.

Most of the leaves will go yellow and orange before becoming brown and falling to the ground. But some of the parcels will turn a brilliant red. I'll keep my eyes on them and try to get a good photo or two when that happens; it all depends on the light and the weather.


  1. These have been beautiful photos this week :)
    I'm happy for you to be having hired guys doing that huge trimming job!

  2. I'm not a fan of that four-season climate and can find fall depressing. But the changing colors don't seem so bad to me when combined with the grape harvest.

  3. Beautiful colours! I love the pop of the blue grapes!

  4. judy, not as happy as I am! It took me weeks to do that. They get it done in 2 half-days. :)

    mitch, I'm ok with three out of the four seasons. But our winters are mild, so there's that.

    evelyn, thanks!

    elgee, I liked that, too.


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