Tuesday, September 06, 2016


Among Callie's favorite things is walking around the edges of the vineyard parcels out back. She prefers the space between the vines and the woods to walking on the dirt road. In some places the passage is just wide enough for us to walk through, in others it's a path as wide as a tractor. And in still other places, like this one, there's a field of tall grasses between the vines and the woods.

We walk in the path made by tractors between the vines and the tall grass.

Callie is ever watchful for rabbits scurrying about or deer browsing among the vines. The critters usually see her first and are long gone by the time she notices them. But she does often hear them escaping and will give a brief chase, albeit in vain.


  1. She looks pretty camouflaged in that grass so I'm surprised she's never caught anything. But I love that shot following her. It reminds me our now-departed Sallie and the walks we used to take.

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  3. stuart, sometimes it takes me a while to find when I lose sight of her.

    judy, that, and an upcoming trip to the groomer. Uh-oh!

  4. Are there snakes in all that long grass?

    1. I was wondering the same thing...having encountered a rattler yesterday!


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