Saturday, September 17, 2016

Fall preview

We're still a few days from the equinox and the astronomical start of fall, but some of the grape leaves in the vineyard are starting to change. There are always a few early ones.

I'll wager that these are sauvignon grapes. Can you see them behind the leaves?

We had another good rain on Friday afternoon and into the evening. I walked with Callie in a light rain just before sunset. She doesn't mind it at all, being a border collie. The ground is so dry that all the rain in soaking in. There are no puddles or little streams draining water away. The ground is a dry sponge right now.


  1. That's a beautiful shot. Those variegated leaves are perfect.

  2. The only sign of autumn around here are the plastic pumpkin things in the stores.

  3. stuart, thanks. I can feel fall in the air now.

    michael, what, no campaign signs? ;)


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