Friday, September 02, 2016

Vine of the times

The grapes are ripening more and more. I will be interested to see when the harvesting starts, although I'm sure it's weeks away, at least. The paucity of rain this summer has meant fewer rounds of spraying out there. The fungus that can attack the grape vines needs humidity to flourish, and it has not been very wet.

Grape leaves and tendrils on a sunny morning. These could be sauvignon or cabernet franc leaves; I'm never certain.

Our firewood was delivered on time Thursday morning and I've started the process of moving and stacking it. It doesn't have to be moved very far, thankfully, but I'll be out there working on it for a few days. Maybe I'll take some photos!


  1. mid 80's are a cool down to some!!

  2. Firewood stacking will help you think of the joys of the next season :)

  3. melinda, oh, I feel for you!

    judy, it's weird to be looking forward to autumn!

  4. wow! I've seen many 'grape' photos of yours but I think this one the best one in a long while. I think it stunning.

  5. I have not done this ever: may I download your photo for wallpaper on my laptop? I promise not to share it, and I will think of you when I see it.


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