Sunday, September 18, 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like...

...autumn. Just beginning, mind you. But the air is cooling and leaves are starting to gather on the ground. The grapes are heavy on the vine; I will be surprised if harvesting doesn't start this week. In the next few days the equinox will usher in nights that are longer than the days.

This is a place that Callie likes to walk. It leads us to one of her favorite paths through the woods.

We're also starting to transition into cooler weather foods. I'm still doing some cooking on the grill and will do more when we have nice days. And I'm hoping we'll have many more nice days through the fall season.


  1. Meteo currently seems to think that the weather is going to get pleasantly warm over the next ten days...

  2. Yes it looks like autumn at your place

  3. Well, be sure to take another photo from this exact spot, once the leaves turn color :)

  4. tim, that would be most welcome!

    gosia, it's getting here.

    judy, oh, I'll try to remember!

    leon, thanks.


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