Sunday, September 04, 2016

The road ahead

Callie likes to look where she's going. Especially when she's on a paved road where there might be cars or tractors. There were neither on Saturday morning when we were out there.

Looking west. We turn into the vineyard where those trees are on the left.

I took my wide-angle lens for a walk with us. I'm still working on learning the new camera. It's not that difficult, but I'm using fixed lenses for the most part. Now I'm thinking of getting a new zoom lens, wide to medium focal length. The one I have for the old camera doesn't work on the new one, and I kind of miss having that flexibility. Time to do some internet research.


  1. Tamron....
    Not in the focal range you are looking at.... but I got the 70-200 f2.8 last year...superb.
    There is a 2.8 in a 20ish-140ish focal range...look at the reviews on that.

    1. Funny, I bought its Sigma counterpart a few years ago - took me a long time to decide between the two.
      Another one I quite like is a Tamron 28-75 at a constant f2.8.

      Good luck with your research, Walt. You seem to be really enjoying your new camera (and I love seeing the results here). ;)

  2. The long and winding road, that leads to...

  3. You'll be happy to get that new lens :)

  4. tim, good suggestion. Up 'till now, all my lenses are Canon. I had a Tamron back in the film days and liked it.

    elgee, I look into Sigma, too. I like the idea of it holding f2.8 through the zoom.

    stuart, I am old enough to complete that lyric!

    judy, It'll be a while, yet. First: research! (almost as fun) ;)


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